How to write my scholarship essay introduction

How to Write my Scholarship Essay Introduction?

How to Write my Scholarship Essay Introduction?

Writing a winning introduction for a scholarship essay

When you are applying for a college, it’s always a pile of work. You need to make different applications, including a college essay and a scholarship essay. Follow our simple steps to create a successful work:

Make a strong introduction to hook the reader. You should bring there a power to make your audience read the whole paper. Try to compare the examples of lines and spot the difference:

Example 1. Good communication and organization skills are important for any community.

Example 2. In December 2015 I was able to fix up the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life.

  1. So, can you feel the difference? Sentence 1 sounds very boring and impersonal. But sentence 2 makes us wonder about the story, and we’re interested to read more and find out what happened.
  2. If you enter several scholarship competitions, you don’t need to write different essays, but can use the one in various ways.
  3. Choose an interesting topic you care about, because you won’t be able to write a bright story about any subject that seems boring to you.
  4. Discover your audience and think what topic would be the most interesting for them.
  5. Surprise the reader with your work. Don’t be trivial and write creatively. Don’t be too traditional, and this would help to grab the audience attention.
  6. Follow all requirements and instructions thoroughly. Make sure you understood all guidelines given by the college.
  7. Stay focused on your essay’s subject and don’t twist your point to another topics.
  8. Write a thesis statement in the introduction.
  9. Don’t forget to check your work for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. You can ask your school teacher to proofread your essay, or use online services for checking and correcting mistakes.
  10. Don’t be the last-minuter! Plan your work beforehand, so you won’t be in a hurry.

How to begin a scholarship essay?

Needless to say that there are thousands of applicants, and if you want your work to stand out from the crowd, we will give you some useful tips about how to write a scholarship essay about yourself.

Define the subject.

  • Read the requirements for a scholarship essay carefully;
  • Think of each question of your paper’s subject;
  • Write an outline that will be very helpful in writing the whole work.

Prepare all the needed information.

  • Make a list about school achievements you have;
  • Make a list about any accomplishments you have in your life;
  • Think what other information you’d like to tell the admission committee to demonstrate yourself and stay out from the crowd of other applicants.

Build a strong and bright introduction that will motivate the officer to read the whole paper.

  • Be yourself and never try to seem another person;
  • Give examples to support your personal qualities;
  • Don’t bring too much of negative experience, try to focus on positive things;
  • Follow writing rules.

Proofread your work.

  • Give your paper to several people (friends, relatives, classmates) to read and tell their opinion on it;
  • Make sure you corrected all mistakes to make your work look perfectly;
  • Check out the essay fulfills its main purpose and explains to the committee why they should choose you;
  • Make sure you provided some examples of your abilities and skills you wrote in your essay.

How to start a scholarship essay introduction

Remember that a scholarship essay is a great opportunity to show the committee you worthy to win than many other students. You make the first impression from your first sentence, that’s why it’s very important to know techniques how to start an essay for a scholarship. If you are still unsure how to start a scholarship essay introduction, read these simple “do’s” and “don’ts” advice:


  • start your work with an interesting description;
  • grab the reader’s attention with an exciting fact;
  • bring a bright story from your experience, but describe it shortly;
  • make your introduction brief and clear.


  • start your work with a quote; this rule don’t work for this type of paper;
  • write sentences in a style: “In this work I will…”;
  • include any words that are not familiar to you;
  • tell that you need money.

Making a good scholarship essay introduction: help online

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