How to write introduction for dissertation

How to Write Introduction for Dissertation: Simple Rules?

How to Write Introduction for Dissertation: Simple Rules?

Making a consistent Introduction for a dissertation

The dissertation is a very serious work that requires a lot of time, research, analysis, abilities to structure, evaluate and understand information, and of course, a good writing ability.

The successful dissertation will:

  • have a clear and bright title;
  • be planned and researched properly;
  • prove that a student has a high level of knowledge;
  • include such elements as critical evaluation, discussion and analysis;
  • contain properly cited sources;
  • be outlined and structured properly according with academic rules;
  • shows the teacher that a student is able to use knowledge to create a well-structured piece of work.

How to write my introduction of a dissertation properly

This must be the last part of your writing, but this also shouldn’t be the very last part you have to think about. Your rough copy of this part should be written earlier, when you are writing your research proposal, but during the writing process of the whole work you can update and correct the introduction as you develop your ideas. The introduction of a dissertation explains what are you going to answer in your work and why your research is so important. This part also must contain a statement of the research and your research goals. You should bring a brief background with a short review of your subject’s literature to show readers what is already known in this topic.

Actually, the introduction is a “door” for people into your dissertation thesis. So, it must be clear and well-understandable even for a person that is not an expert in this field. You can read your finished introduction to your friend or relative and see if everything is understandable for them.

Here are some useful tips for writing introduction for dissertation:

  • it’s good to bring an opening sentence that will grab the attention of your audience and make them read the whole work with an interest;
  • don’t make this part too large, but outline your work direction and argument;
  • never write in the introduction something that you’re not going to deliver later in your work;
  • write straight and use an appropriate language and tone of your writing; this is especially important for the custom introduction of a dissertation.

What to include in the introduction of a dissertation

This part of your work explains to readers clearly what subject you’re going to investigate and research. Let’s define the main goal of this part:

  1. Introduction of the subject of your dissertation and purpose of research.
  2. Grabbing the audience’s attention to involve people read your work.
  3. Convincing readers of the practical and scientific relevance of your paper.

There are no specific rules about the length of this part, but don’t need to squeeze things together. But there is also no point to repeat something you already said. So, what to write in a dissertation introduction?

  1. Indication of the problem. Explain why you are doing this research and why it’s so important for you. If you chose an interesting topic, this will encourage people to read a whole work.
  2. Describe a topic of your dissertation – define it directly and clear;
  3. Explain to the readers the practical use of your dissertation;
  4. Explain briefly some important scientific works related to your dissertation’s subject;
  5. Describe your work’s problem statement and the objective;
  6. Provide readers with a brief summary of your research methods.

For more effective writing, you can use this simple checklist for the introduction:

  1. You have limited your work’s subject;
  2. You’ve demonstrated the scientific relevance of your paper;
  3. The practical relevance is also explained to readers;
  4. You’ve summarized the most important articles connected to your paper’s subject;
  5. The objective and the problem statement are written;
  6. You’ve described shortly the research design;
  7. You’ve written a brief overview of your dissertation.

Writing a winning introduction of a dissertation: help online

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