How to write an expository essay

How to Write an Expository Essay?

How to Write an Expository Essay?

What is an expository article? This is probably the first thought that pops up in student’s head once he gets an assignment. The thing is that composing such an article can be a time-consuming and complicated process. However, all students have to deal with it at one stage or another. So, to help those students who have no idea how to handle such assignments we have decided to compose this article.

If you are having the hardest times coming up with an idea on how such writing can be done, then follow these steps and enjoy the expository essay writing in an easy way.

What is an expository essay?

This type of writing can be described in several simple stages. First, young people get an assignment to analyze some idea. Then, they are to explore the area and see what reputable scholars thought about it. Finally, they need to present their findings to peers or classmates along with their conclusions on a particular topic.

It is not hard, though exploration and investigation might take up some time, especially if you are to analyze an area you are not quite familiar with.

Structure of an expository essay

You will be surprised to learn that even though such an article has a completely different goal in its core, it still has a structure similar to that of other articles. It consists of three main parts. Each of them plays their own role in the writing.

An introduction.

This part serves two primary goals. The first one is to grab readers’ attention. You want to engage them in a discussion or at least hear what they think about certain things. Meanwhile, it also has to present clear ideas you will refer to in the article. Thus, in the last sentence of an opening paragraph, you should state what exactly you will talk about in a piece as well as what you believe about this thing.

Main body.

This part of the text must contain several paragraphs too. They should all be concentrated on different aspects of the central concept of the piece and use valid evidence to support them. This is the part where all of your investigations go to. So, it is very important.

A conclusion.

Last but not least comes a conclusion. In it, a writer must restate the central concept of the text again as well as encourage a discussion around text’s main idea. Remember that this is your last chance to impress the readers and use this opportunity wisely.

Essential components to write expository essays

There are only a few elements which make this work different from any other one.

  1. Investigation. It takes up to half of all your time. One must go into details of the topic as well as check what other scholars think about it. Be ready to take notes which you will later use when backing up your position. Remember to specify the author of a resource you are using, date of publication and other relevant parts. It will prevent any mistakes in the citation format.
  2. Planning. You should not rush into writing right away. Start slowly with creating an outline first. It will help you stay focused and achieve all the goals you set instead of going from one point to another and making the readers lose track of what you say.
  3. Interesting topics. This is an essential component. If you select something, people fall asleep when reading about, then no matter how well you plan everything no one will ever want to read you article. So, pick the topics wisely.

Tips for writing custom expository articles

  1. Start early. You should not get down to business the last minute. It does not matter how well you are at writing. You need time to explore the subject, categorize the notes you took, create a plan, write and revise the paper. It is a long process, so you should start early to make everything happen on time.
  2. Be specific. Avoid using some vague statements which do not add to the value of your piece. But rather stick to using clear evidence to back you up.

How to begin a good introduction paragraph

The answer is simple: begin it with a vivid image. You can have your readers listen to a story from your life or at least read a quote by some famous person who would help them get a better understanding of what you will talk about in the text. Start bright for the sake of your article’s success.

How to write an outline for expository essays

Do not go into many details in this section. It will not help you. But rather make sure to add only the most vital details. For instance, you should state what parts your paper will consist of but do not try to specify what each of them will look like.

Also, mention different evidence you will use and state what paragraph you want to see it in. All in all, create a short plan but not the first draft.

How to start exposition essays

Now you know everything and are ready to grab your pen and impress you teachers with excellent work. We will just briefly remind you of the steps to take when composing such articles:

  1. Find an interesting topic.
  2. Investigate it.
  3. Analyze the information you find.
  4. Conclude your investigation in the form of an essay.

How to end an expository essay

The last stage of your writing is the revision. Do not think that it is something only first graders should do. Reviewing your paper can help you correct grammatical and punctuation errors. Besides, you can check whether the flow is excellent and how each idea is connected to the next one in the text.

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