How to write a synthesis statement

How to Write a Synthesis Statement?

How to Write a Synthesis Statement?

To be able to craft a synthesis essay, one must be very good at analyzing information and presenting the findings in a precise and laconic manner. Not all students are good at it. That is why we want to help them out and introduce to simple tips on how to deliver an excellent piece even if you have never done such tasks before.

So, those of you who feel like synthesis essay help is something they really need at the moment, please read on. We guarantee that you will be surprised with the results after you apply this knowledge. But first things first: let’s explore what such type of writing is all about.

What is a synthesis essay?

From we have already said above, you can conclude that such writing is all about analyzing certain information and presenting it in a clear manner so that readers can see what conclusions you came to full reading and decide what they think about certain things themselves.

Structure of synthesis essay

As you probably know, all essays have one standard structure. They all consist of three main parts.

An introduction.

The opening paragraph is extremely important. It helps the readers realize what the piece will focus on as well as whether they agree or disagree with an author. It should also stimulate some healthy discussion around the topic once the writer finishes his piece. We will talk more about essential components of the opening paragraph. But for now, just bear in mind a big picture of what it is supposed to look like.

Main body.

Here, an author should pick three or more different aspects of the central concept of the text and develop them. One aspect should be discussed in one paragraph for a better efficiency and effect of the writing. The first sentence of each section here should begin with a topic sentence which is later in the text supported with three or four illustrations. Finally, in the end, there must be a proper conclusion which wraps the section up.

A conclusion.

In this paragraph, one should concentrate on delivering a good conclusion which will help readers realize how they can use the information they learned from the text. Also, it is a perfect opportunity to specify what evidence you used in the text was the most effective.

Format of a synthesis essay

A synthesis essay does not have any special format requirements which would make it different from other articles college students have to deliver. However, we highly recommend our readers to study the prompt carefully. Typically, it has all the necessary information regarding article’s fonts, citation formats, etc. Make sure you added everything required from you into a piece.

Tips on writing synthesis essay

When crafting such an article, bear in mind our essential but quite simple tips.

  1. Pick a good topic. In some cases (when the theme is too broad or too narrow) one cannot deliver a proper piece because he ends up either staying on the surface or digging into just one aspect of a theme. So, pick a suitable theme.
  2. Opt for reputable sources. You will have to study a whole lot of topics before you can compose such an article. However, you cannot trust all the resources out there. You should consult your teacher and see what he expects from you before you start writing.
  3. Create a brilliant and strong thesis. Text’s central point is in its thesis which comes in the last sentence of an opening paragraph. It should be very strong. You must demonstrate what your personal position is as well as that you are open to hearing what others think about it once they hear you out.

How to write a good introduction paragraph for synthesis essay

We have already mentioned the most important parts of the opening paragraph above. However, that is not everything you need to know about it. Let’s focus on the thesis statement.

When writing it, you must bear in mind that you are basically crafting a roadmap for readers to see what you are going to focus on. It should state exactly what aspects you will have a closer look at, as there you still want to keep some intrigue, but it should paint a big picture of where you are going.

How to write an outline for a custom synthesis essay

Writing a synthesis essay outline is all quite simple. All one has to do to make it right is realize that it is simply a plan of your actions with some little details added to it. For instance, you do not have to write what exactly you will write about in the main body. What you do have to do is to state that you will have this part of the text and add some notes on the aspects and illustrations you will use to prove your point. Keep it straightforward and short.

How to start a synthesis essay

Finally, once you have all the essential pieces of the text, move on to working with the text itself. Formulate the ideas very carefully but still do not be afraid to make mistakes. Let your thoughts flow as long as they come along with the outline. You will have time to revise the paper after everything is done.

How to write a conclusion for synthesis paper

In the end, consider wrapping everything up as well as reminding your readers of the most compelling evidence you used in the text. It will leave them with some things to think over in the end.

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