How to Write a Successful and Interesting Introduction to an Argumentative Essay?

How to Write a Successful and Interesting Introduction to an Argumentative Essay?

Making an introduction to an argumentative essay

First of all, let’s clear things about what is an argumentative essay and why you should write it. The main goal of this paper is to investigate a topic as fully as possible and gather information about all points of view about this subject.

This work provides readers with many points of view, but it also indicates the author’s point of view and proves why it’s the best options from all others.

As any other essay, this paper consists of three main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Don’t forget to make an outline for your future work before starting writing. With the introduction your audience get their first impression about your work, that’s why this part should be written great to show your essay’s professional level and unique style.

Writing an introduction for an argumentative essay: 4 useful tips

  1. Remember that the first part of your paper should grab readers’ attention and involve them to read a whole article. That’s why it’s very important to start your work with a hook: you can use here an interesting question, a quote, or your personal story from your own experience.
  2. Provide your audience with a solid background. This would give people the possibility to understand your essay better. You can bring statistics, history facts, and all the needed information to explain your topic to your readers.
  3. Write a thesis statement at the beginning of your work. Usually it’s the one or a couple of sentences that sums up your point. Remember that your work should explain facts and provide strong evidence in support of this thesis.
  4. In the first paragraph of your work you shouldn’t describe arguments or provide analysis of different points of view. Keep in your mind that an introduction should be like a guide map for the whole paper, so you only mark here some things you are going to discuss in the main part of the paper.

How to structure an introduction of an argumentative essay

If to try to structure the information in your essay’s first paragraph, there will be four main parts, such as:

  1. Presentation of the subject to the readers (here you should write a problem or a question).
  2. Explaining to the audience why the chosen topic is so important.
  3. Stating about there are many points of view about this subject.
  4. Stating the author’s point of view and describing shortly about how the work will be structured.

Remember that if your essay’s first paragraph wouldn’t seem interesting to readers, they won’t read the whole paper. You probably remember that a bright title attracts the audience to start reading your work, and a successful introduction is a key to reading the whole paper. This is a thin, but very important part of your work that should be informative, engaging and brief.

Write my introduction to an argumentative essay

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