How to write a persuasive essay

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

Ability to sound persuasive is essential at different stages of one’s life. Thus, if you want to get a raise at work, you should convince the employer that you really do deserve this promotion. Meanwhile, you should also be persuasive enough to have your peers follow when you take the initiative in something. All in all, you get the idea: being persuasive is important!

However, to get better at this skill, you need to practice more. Schools these days offer students plenty of opportunities to persuade others and prove that their opinion is right both at class discussions as well as when writing college essays. This article will focus on the correct way of writing the persuasive essay every young person should be aware of in order to impress the teachers.

What is a persuasive essay?

The persuasive article, as you understand from its title, is a piece of writing in which an author is trying to convince the target audience that his position is right as well as that they should follow him in what he is saying. There are many techniques authors can use to achieve this goal, and we will talk about them in a minute.

Structure of a custom persuasive essay

When aiming to convince the readers to follow him, a writer can use different things, and one of the most efficient ways to achieve the goal is sticking to the proper structure which helps to organise your thoughts in a logical and precise manner. That is why, before you start writing make sure to study this section carefully.

An introduction.

Start your text with an intriguing or little-known fact which would grab the readers’ attention. You can use a quote once said by some famous people. Alternatively, you can add some statistics to the text as people tend to like figures. They give them a vision of the what exactly the author is talking about. Also, remember to finish this section with a thesis statement which would describe the central concept of the article.

Main body.

In this part of the text, you should find three or more different aspects of the thesis mentioned in the opening section and develop them. It is important to have only one primary focus in each paragraph. It will give you a chance to add vivid images and illustrations as well as valid evidence which proves your point. End each of such sections with a clear conclusion which would wrap the section up.

A conclusion.

The last paragraph of the text of such type should summarise the general meaning of your writing. Besides, it should underline the significance of the article as well as point to the possible application of the information delivered.

Necessary components to add

  1. Persuasiveness. When writing a persuasive paper, an author must remember that the primary goal of the text is to convince the target audience that their position is the correct one. That is why they should pick words and phrases which demonstrate that they are sure that what they say is correct.
  2. Proper tone. Depending on the audience you are talking to, the tone of the text must be different. Thus, you cannot try to convince the teachers in the same way you try to persuade your peers. You will not succeed unless you choose a proper tone.
  3. Correct style. You should check the prompt given to your by the teacher carefully, as in most cases they give all the details in it. Thus, in order to meet tutor’s expectations, consider studying the prompt first.

Tips for writing persuasive essay

Apart from many useful tips we gave you above, consider also starting the writing process with a draft. It is a plan you will use when composing a decent piece which will keep you on track.

Also, remember that after you craft the first draft, you should revise it thoroughly. The revision can help you avoid many mistakes you made because you were in a rush or trying to write all of your ideas down. However, with proper correction, such errors can be corrected and avoided. So, our second tip is in revising the text correctly.

How to write an introduction for a persuasive text

There are three main components of the first section.

  1. A hook which is simply an attention-grabber which draw users’ attention to the text and stimulate their desire to finish the whole piece.
  2. Linking sentences which help the reader to proceed from the hook to the central idea.
  3. The thesis statement which describes the main idea of the article in one short sentence. It should readers a clue of what the whole piece will centre on.

How to write an outline for persuasive essay

An outline for such a text would look like a simple plan with only major details added to it. Just mention what parts this article will consist of as well as what evidence you will use to support the different aspect of the thesis you chose to discuss.

How to start persuasive essays

Once you have a draft to stick to, consider grabbing a pen and creating the first draft. Stick to all the points you described in the outline in order not to lose focus. Students who improvise tend to make more mistakes. So, for your own best stick to the plan.

What to include into a persuasive essay

Finally, wrap everything up with a proper conclusion. It should state the best evidence used in the text as well as show the readers why this text is significant.

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