How to write a literature essay introduction: useful tips

How to Write a Literature Essay Introduction: Useful Tips?

How to Write a Literature Essay Introduction: Useful Tips?

Tips about writing a successful literature essay introduction

The main goal of the literature essay is to evaluate and analyze a piece of literature. You have to separate the object into parts and examine them thoroughly. If you are not sure how to write a good literary essay, here are some useful ideas:

  1. Keep a formal style of your work. Don’t make it chatty or funny. Imagine that you are a lawyer in the court who tries to prove their opinion about the book.
  2. Write creatively. Your point of view may be different from other people, so if you use strong evidence and persuade the audience properly, your opinion will be respected.
  3. Make sure each paragraph goes around your essay’s main idea.
  4. Avoid re-telling story of the book to your readers. You should provide a strong analysis, but not just to describe what happened in the book.
  5. Use quotes from the book as an evidence to support your argument.
  6. Make a clear structure of your work. Write an outline that will help you in writing the whole paper.

There are several types of the literature essay, such as drama essay, novel essay and poetry essay.

How to write a good literary analysis essay introduction

It’s better to write the introduction after you finished the main part of your work, then it will be easier to make a good beginning of the essay. Here how the literature essay introduction structure should look like:

  • Presenting your topic to readers;
  • Title of book you are going to analyze;
  • Short summary of the book;
  • Author’s name;
  • Thesis statement – this is just the one sentence that sets what you’re going to prove.

Elements of the introduction paragraph for literary analysis

When you are writing the first paragraph of your work, remember that only from the very beginning you have a great chance to hook your readers. Nobody would continue reading a paper with a boring introduction. The same could happen if you won’t explain the audience what you’re going to write about in your essay. That’s why it’s very important to know how to start a literary essay properly. There are three important parts that should be included into your essay introduction.

Hook your readers.

Grab your audience’s attention with a bright beginning. You can ask a provocative question or start your work with a quote. Remember that first sentences of your essay should get your readers involved into your work and motivate them to read the whole paper. There are several ways to make a creative hook for your introduction:

  • a short dialogue between characters of the book;
  • a startling fact or a bit of background information;
  • a quote (from the book you’re going to analyze or another);
  • a vivid and bright description;
  • a general idea.

Transit the hook with the literature piece.

This is a short part of the introduction that connects its beginning with the book you’re going to analyze. This part should contain the title of book and the author’s name.

Write a thesis statement.

This part should provide readers with a short preview of what you’ll be discussing in your work, and explains your point of view to the audience.

How to write my literature essay introduction?

Writing is a quite complicated process that requires a lot of time, patience and good abilities. Start writing your work with brainstorming and choosing a title. Then make an investigation of the piece of literature and write down your ideas. Create an outline and write there all ideas you’d like to include into your work. Then make sure your outline goes smoothly and all elements are connected. When you are making an introduction, try to follow the structure we provided you above. Sometimes it’s hard to just start writing, so you can surf the Internet and look for a literary analysis essay introduction example there. It could be helpful to read samples and then to figure out how to write your own work. But be careful and don’t just rewrite sentences from other papers, because you would be blamed in plagiarism. Write a rough copy of your introduction, and then re-read it and think what you’d like to change, remove or add. Make sure it sounds smoothly and interesting to catch the readers’ attention. You can try to read your essay introduction to your friend/colleague/relative and ask their opinion. Sometimes other people advice could be very useful, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Writing a literature essay introduction: help online

For some people it could be really difficult to create a successful work just because of lack of time or poor writing abilities. Sometimes people just don’t have any wish for writing something. It’s quite understandable because we all have different talents and abilities, but what to do if you’re required to make a literature essay, but writing is definitely not your cup of tea? Just don’t be disappointed, we know how to solve this problem.

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