How to write a good introduction for personal essay

How to Write a Good Introduction for Personal Essay?

How to Write a Good Introduction for Personal Essay?

Creating an introduction for personal essay

A personal essay is a story where the author tells things about themselves. This type of work is usually required in universities and high schools. The essay reflects the person’s opportunities, achievements and goals in life.

Usually this paper is about a page long, so it limits students to illustrate creatively all chosen moments from their life. Needless to say that before creating this type of work, you should brainstorm your ideas and make a good outline that will help you in making a logical and solid paper to impress the audience.

How to write an introduction to a personal essay?

The introduction is the first paragraph of your work, so it should be bright and interesting to grab the readers’ attention. Nobody would continue reading a paper with a boring introduction, so starting a personal essay must be exciting to readers. When they start reading, they should get interested so much that they couldn’t calm down till they read the whole paper!

There are many ways to start a personal essay; here are some suggestions:

  1. Show the originality – stand out from the crowd from the first sentence. For example, you could start your work telling your readers that you were able to learn English for less than a year and wrote your own book in result. There are no doubts people would want to read the whole story and maybe even use your experience.
  2. State a problem from the very beginning – tell the readers about the problem you have got in your life. For example, you may write about you stayed jobless unexpectedly because of crisis, but were able to make your own business in two years later. Such stories could be very exciting for the audience.
  3. Be offbeat – start your essay from a joke; this way is quite risky but also very unexpected for the readers. If you could do it successfully, your work will be very popular.

Write my introduction for personal essay: useful tips

Many people make a mistake when they start to over-explain things at the very beginning of their paper. The introduction should be brief and there is no need to write a lot here, because you will have the main body to fill it with all the needed information. A really good way how to start a personal essay is to write a story about something that happened in your life that will bring you to discussing things about this subject in your work’s body paragraph.

But you may have a question: “How do you start off an essay about yourself?” We suggest using the one of two simple ways:

  • A bright story about yourself.
  • An interesting story about someone who made an affection on you.

During writing, keep these easy rules in your head, and you won’t make mistakes creating your intro to personal statement:

  • Avoid cliches in your work. Don’t use them in the introduction because it’s not a good idea to make people interested.
  • Make your writing in active voice; your work would sound much clear and understandable for readers.
  • Use strong verbs to catch the audience’s attention. Try to pick right verbs when describe people emotions and feelings.
  • Write your intro like you’re painting an image. Describe as many as possible emotions, colors, even smells to engage your readers into the story.
  • Begin your story in the introduction, but don’t tell it to the end! Remember that at the very beginning you should only present your writing to the readers and tell them some information about yourself. Keep the whole story to tell in the body paragraph and don’t tell a lot of details in the beginning.

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