How to write a compare and contrast essay

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

As a student, you are probably asked to compose this type of essays on a regular basis. Why? Because it is essential to have important skills which help you to find similarities or differences in two different persons, objects, or situations.

Thus, when you get such assignments do not feel surprised, but rather use our ideas in order to compose a high-quality piece within the shortest time possible.

What is a compare and contrast essay?

Even though the term sounds quite self-explanatory, we will explain you a bit more about it. In a piece, if such type, young people need to explain the similarities or differences they found between certain things.

Structure of compare and contrast essay

Such a composition centers on demonstrating something two objects have in common. It is easier to present such things using a straightforward and clear structure. Thus, such text must consist of three major parts.

An introduction.

In it, writers must draw readers’ attention to an exciting and interesting fact. Also, they should state whether they will talk about differences or similarities as well as what their position regarding some points is. It should not take more than a couple of sentences.

Primary body parts.

After stating what the central concept of the whole text is about, one should proceed to look at its different aspects. For instance, if you take about the difference between a book by Margaret Mitchell called “Gone With the Wind” and the film made on its plot, then you can dedicate one paragraph to looking at differences in their plots, while the other one on differences in the characters’ development. Make sure that one section is dedicated to one difference as it is easier to deliver high-quality information this way.

A conclusion.

Finally, summarize all the information in the text in the last paragraph. It must be short but informative. In it, students must explain why the article they composed is valuable as well as how the author proved his point in the course of the composition.

Format of a compare and contrast essay

The format of such an essay identifies that writers should stay focused either on mentioning the similarities of the object or the differences. It might be hard as many students tend to jump from contrasting to comparing and vice versa.

So, to achieve the desired goal one should stay focused. Besides, make sure that you read the prompt carefully, as most of the important things are always mentioned there. For instance, teachers tend to specify the expected font size and citation styles. So, if you read the instructions carefully, you will save much time and effort in the future.

Tips for writing compare and contrast paper

We have crafted a list of recommendations which can make the process of composition of the paper in question so much easier.

  1. Choose interesting topics. Sometimes students pick topics which are of no interest to their readers. Therefore, no matter how good your writing skills are as well as how many brilliant ideas you have in your mind, your text will have no success.
  2. Stick to the structure. Sticking to the guidelines regarding the structure helps you keep your readers involved and follow your thoughts easily. Thus, use the format we mentioned above.
  3. Compose a persuasive thesis statement. Without a clear idea of what the central concept of the text is, readers will not be able to understand whether this essay is of any interest to them.

So, state it from the beginning.

How to write a compare and contrast essay introduction

The first paragraph of this essay must be flawless. Concentrate on delivering the opening in a clear way. It must start with an interesting fact which would grab readers’ attention so that they want to finish the piece.

Also, compose a few sentences which link the hook and the thesis statement. You probably know what a thesis statement is, but we would only want to remind you that it is a roadmap for the audience who can from it realize the primary goal of the writing as well as the attitude of the writer to it.

How to write an outline for compare and contrast essay

Most teachers recommend students to start with crafting a decent outline. It helps them stay focused as well as avoid many mistakes which happen when they improvise. Thus, grab a pen and create a plan of everything you want to add to the text.

Start with the hook you will open with as well as some great ideas for a short but informative thesis statement. Meanwhile, proceed to note all the valid evidence you will use to support your ideas as well as good real-life examples which can illustrate what you are saying well. Finally, mention briefly what will go into the conclusions as well as what you want them to contain.

How to start a compare and contrast essay

Hopefully, by now you realize where the text must start. So, grab a pen and get down to work. However, if you still have no clarity on where to begin, then contact our compare and contrast writing service to get some professional help.

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How to write a proper conclusion

However, if you are still determined to write it all on your own, then remember that each paragraph must contain a proper conclusion. It should state the main points of each section as well as demonstrate what ideas the audience must be left with in the end.

We hope that our article will help you understand the concept such pieces better. Nevertheless, we remind you of the possibility of getting professional compare and contrast essay help from us. If you need to write your expository essay.