How to Write a Book Review?

How to Write a Book Review?

It’s really important for any student, who studies at school or in colleges to be able to write almost a professional analysis of a book.

Of course, you can without any problems type the appropriate words in the Google or Yahoo and you will get the list of reliable book review writing services, which are ready to provide for students book review help.
However, we should keep in mind that their services are not for free. Despite the fact that the price per page is really low, there are still many students, who want to write a book review without the help from outside. That’s why we are going to give you some useful hints, which could reduce risks to make some common mistakes during writing. Therefore, we will consider a how to prepare a book review, the structure of this type of essay and other important aspects for experienced writers and first-year students. So, let’s start!

What is book reviews?

If you want to become a good writer, you have to understand even at the beginning that book reviews are not only something like a summarizing of the text in the book. You get a precious possibility to present a critical discussion of the book. A good reviewer tries to say about this book something interesting and expresses his reactions. He can also provide for the reader the list of pros and cons of this book and even give some recommendations, whether they should read books written by this author.

The list of necessary components of book reviews

There is some unwritten pattern, which professional reviewers usually use when they consider books in their articles. It would be better for you to be acquainted with this list to be able to write a comprehensive review, which can please all needs of your reader. So:

  • First of all, you should mention the name of the author of this book, consider his previous novels and even the connection of previous work of art with this one.
  • Second, it would be better for you to consider the narrator of the story. Tell about the format of the storytelling (whether it is first-person narration or third-person) and so on.
  • Third, provide more information that is useful for the reader, which will help him to understand the surrounding nature, time period and the location, where all general events take place. In addition, you can add some your own thoughts about the influence of all these obstacles on the plot of the book.
  • Moreover, you should not miss the information about the genre and theme of the book. This info is extremely important if you want to shed more light on this issue.
  • After that, you should sum up all events and provide the plot of this novel briefly without specific details, which are unnecessary during this stage of writing.
  • Then, you should express your evaluation of this book. You should make sure the reader in your point of view and that’s why it is the most important part. Give information about your own impression and tell the reader whether you liked this book or not. Explain your position according to some facts and arguments, which can convince the reader too.
  • Finally, to write a complete review, you should also make a conclusion, where you share your mind about all pros and cons of this book. You can also recommend other people to read books written by this author.

Step-by-step guide how to make a book review

To be honest, this article is more difficult than ordinary types of essays (for example, expository, persuasive, analytical and argumentative essays) because the amount of information, which you have to read is significantly bigger. So, to begin with, you should read the appropriate book, which matches your needs and take notes. Some professional writers even recommend students to read this book at least twice to be able to represent all events without any problems.

Write down your impressions and thoughts, which appear during reading. You can use for this purpose not only a pencil and a piece of paper, but also a voice recorder to simplify your life. Do not try to systematize all these impressions. Just conduct an excellent brainstorm to gather as much info as possible.

After that, you should consider whether the genre is really relevant to the essence of this book. You can also try to determine the themes of this work of art. Some essay writers, who provide custom book reviews, prefer to take into account the writing style of this author. Make some notes about the professionalism of a writer to develop the main storyline and used literary devices, which make this book better. In addition, you should consider the uniqueness of this idea and make a conclusion about the novelty of this book, its relevance to the historical era and other important features.

Now, you can start writing an essay. It will be better to start with the heading, where you mention all the most important information about the book (title, author, the number of pages and so on). Then, you should write an introduction, where you will mention the main thesis of your essay. Try to make a slight hint of your attitude to this book. In other paragraphs, you have to evaluate the book, develop the main thesis and try to convince the reader that your arguments are true. In the last part, you should sum up all advantages and disadvantages and make the conclusion. Do not forget to proofread your review!

Therefore, writing a book review seems to be a really difficult task at the first glance. That is why it really important for you to use our guide to writing a book review to be able to get the highest grade and provide really impressive text for your readers. For all who want to write interesting profile essay.