How to Write a 500-Word Essay?

How to Write a 500-Word Essay?

If you are a student, then a task of creating a short piece of about five hundred words on a particular topic is not something you are not familiar with. Moreover, tutors love giving such tasks as a part of the academic program because it helps them see what level of competence you have in a particular area as well as how good students can share their opinion in a limited amount of words.
In fact, it is always easier to craft different pieces wen there is no limit on a number of words which can be used in the text. However, a smaller article is an excellent opportunity to master the art of being laconic but informative. So, let’s see how exactly one can write this way.

Definition of five hundred word essay

It’s a starting point for any creative article creation. Understanding of the ultimate goal of each composition is essential, as it defines what exactly you’ll write about in the piece.
Thus, a piece we’re currently talking about is aiming to elaborate on some topic within the proper structure and limited word count.

500 word essay structure

Given the limitation, such written pieces consist of three main parts. They are:

  • An introduction.
  • One main body section.
  • A conclusion.

It is extremely important to make sure you got to state your position within the word limits you have. As a 500 words writing service (which by the way delivers many other pieces as well), we’ll introduce our readers to the most important points in writing quality pieces.

What a 500 words piece looks like?

It is easy: just make sure that you follow the scheme we mentioned above and elaborate on only one aspect of the issue in this short piece.

What we mean here is that you should:

  • Begin with a short attention-grabbing idea which leads to a clear thesis statement.
  • Proceed to the main body paragraph in which this idea is backed up and supported.
  • Finally, wrap everything up with a summary which illustrates why your statement is important.

Tips for writing custom 500-word essay:

  • Figure out how many paragraphs are 500 words. Typically, it’ll be three short sections.
  • Keep it short. It won’t be too hard since tutors usually give some simple themes for such articles. They realize that one cannot elaborate on complicated matters in a short essay like this, so choose easy topics.
  • Be informative. No matter how short a piece is, it should be informative and packed with useful information.
  • State your position. Try not to sound vague ideas. Everything you’re writing about should be clear and precise. Make sure reader know what side of a conflict you support.
  • How to write a good 500-word essay opening

    The first paragraph of this piece should be very vivid. It must contain an attention-grabbing hook which later resolves into a strong thesis statement.
    In case one fails to interest readers on the first stages, the whole article might be viewed as a boring piece or a real waste of time. Thus, on this stage, remember that here your primary task is to draw readers’ attention to whatever you are about to say.

    The most effective ways of 500-word essay outline creation

    Unless you feel worried about the whole piece’s success and are ready to text us saying “Please write my 500 words for me!” you should remember to work hard on developing a proper outline for an article in question.

    • Think of all the right examples or illustrations you want to add to it and list them in an outline. Brainstorm for the most brilliant thoughts here: since you only have a couple of hundred words, they should really hit the target! You don’t have time for empty talks.
    • Besides, we highly recommend you taking every little detail of the general 500-word essay format into account on this stage. You should stick to a correct scheme if you want to achieve an ultimate goal of persuading readers that your position is correct.
    • After you note all these things, begin working on your first draft.

    Where one should start his piece

    By now, you should already have a high-quality outline and the first draft. The only thing left is rewriting the draft in a way that it sounds outstanding and convincing.
    It might seem like a tedious and difficult task. However, there are always people who can assist you here and provide their 500 words service. We recommend you checking out our services if you get a team of professional writers and editors, we can craft an amazing piece in no time. We know everything about short story writing, and can be of much help to you here.

    Create a proper conclusion

    Last but not least comes the time for a good ending of you piece. We insist that students make their ending short but strong. In fact, we usually recommend them keeping it as short as only one sentence since they don’t have much space in their article.

    However, don’t underestimate the impact proper endings might have on readers. They leave them with an interesting aftertaste. Besides, some even say that readers might only remember this part of a piece. So, you should really make it memorable.

    All in all, we hope that the tips we mentioned above will assist you on your way to creating a decent piece of creative writing. Don’t give up easily, but in case you feel that help is essential contact us. We’ll assist you with any piece on almost any theme. Therefore, bear in mind that there always is a better and easier way ot deal with such tasks. Opinion essay writing hooks from our writers.