How to Make a Bright Introduction to College Essay

How to Make a Bright Introduction to College Essay

Writing an introduction to college essay easily

Most colleges require writing a personal essay as a part of the application. Of course, admission committees pay a lot of attention to your test scores and grades from the high school, but many students can have similar grades, so it’s hard to value them. That’s why candidates also required to write an essay to show the committee they stand out from the crown and really deserve to study in this college.

Before starting work on your essay, think about what could separate you from other students and why the chosen college should accept you. So, you need to tell a personal interesting story that would grab their attention and make your work be notable from thousands of other essays. Many students make a mistake when they start writing things they do not care about, or describing things in too “smart” manner trying to look more adult. These things won’t work; and essays about summer holidays on Hawaii or about your bad habits won’t be popular either. The admission committee usually accepts well-motivated and thoughtful people who are able to add something to their first year class.

Tips for writing a good college essay

  • Write about someone or something that is really important in your life.
  • Don’t just bring facts describing something, but tell the admission officer what you have learned from the situation and how your life was changed because of something.
  • Write a bright college essay intro to hook your reader’s attention from the very beginning.
  • Don’t bring silly jokes. Actually, being funny is good, but be careful because those things that seem very funny to you, could seem odd and even disgusting to the admission committee.
  • Don’t try to write your paper from the first attempt. Create a draft copy, and polish it till you will be fully satisfied with your work.
  • The officer will be able to see your grades in your application, so there is no need to be repeatable and mention this in the college essay.
  • After you finished your writing, proofread it thoroughly and correct errors. You can ask your school teacher to revise your essay and make corrections and suggestions about it.

How to write a good introduction for a college essay?

Starting your work is probably the hardest part for you. Remember that a college essay introduction paragraph must be quite interesting and exciting to catch people attention. Let’s define all the needed components which a successful college essay introduction must have:

A first exciting sentence that motivates your audience to read the whole paper. Here are some suggestions for writing your essay’s first sentence:

  1. start your work with a quote from a book, movie, etc., that is connected to your work’s topic;
  2. write a short sentence with only the one grabby detail, and this will motivate people to know more;
  3. describe a particular situation or scenario;
  4. start from an anecdote;
  5. include a sentence with a vivid and interesting description that will boost people appetite for reading your essay;
  6. ask readers a direct question;
  7. describe shortly any detail that would strike your audience;
  8. describe briefly the lesson you have got from the situation you’re going to tell;

A very short, but vivid and bright story that introduces yourself to the admission committee.

Your thesis statement – this is one sentence that explains what you’re going to write about in your paper.

A connection between the introduction and your essay’s body part.

If you are sitting with a clear white sheet of paper having no idea how to start a college essay introduction, remember that it’s better to start writing this part only when you already have your main body and conclusion finished. Of course, you can make some notes during writing, but you could get an idea about the hooking sentence only after you figured out what your story is about how it is written, and what information it contains. In general, the first paragraph of your essay should be bright and interesting but you need to keep things to tell in the main part. Don’t forget the introduction contains an interesting information about your topic, but all details should be written in the body part of your paper.

Making a successful introduction to college essay: help online

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