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How to Write 1000 Word Essay

How to Write 1000 Word Essay

Unlike shorter pieces like, for instance, five-hundred-word piece, this one gives students a chance not only to skim lightly over the surface of a particular subject but also get deeper and elaborate on several important points of a subject matter. However, writing more also means that a student might need more time and better skills to deliver a clear position in some argument.

Such writing requires time for crafting outlines, drafts, and other important planning details. Nevertheless, even though it might sound like a tedious thing to do, if one knows useful tips we’ll present in this post, he’s more likely to end up not only creating an excellent article but also having fun in the process.

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One-thousand-words essay definition

Now, how does 1000-words essay look like? There is no hidden meaning behind this phrase. Such writing means that young people must create an excellent text which would no longer than exactly on thousand words on one of the possible topics following specific structure we’ll mention later.

Such writing should center on developing an idea which an author supports using real evidence as well as bright illustrations.

Structure of such articles

So, before you start writing, let’s define how many paragraphs is 1000-words article. In general, one can easily have up to six sections with such limits set. The parts they use are as follows:

1. Introduction.

2. Main body parts.

3. Conclusion.

Each of these parts has their on specific, and we’ll talk about them later on.

Necessary components of a one-thousand-words essay

It’s important to keep several things in mind when coming up with a good text on a given topic. When things we’ll state further are missing from the text, students fail to deliver a proper piece and get lower grades. So, be warned and save them.

1. Bright opening. Getting your readers’ attention from the beginning is vital to the success of your article. If you don’t open it well, you might as well end up losing their interest from the start.

2. Strong thesis statement. Each text must have a clear central concept. Unless you’re writing a diary in which you take notes of different details not united with one common idea or trying some free writing techniques, an article must state what your primary goal is from the beginning.

3. Strong evidence. According to a right structure, each central body section would start with a statement which you’ll elaborate on. This statement must always be backed up with brilliant examples, statistics, personal experience, etc. Otherwise, you’ll sound hollow.

4. Conclusions. They must come after each paragraph unlike a popular belief that it must only come at the very end. Each of these conclusions should remind readers of the main idea developed in each section as well as practical ways of using it in the end.

Tips for writing a custom 1000-words essay

After students read some good examples of pieces in question online, they text writers asking “How do you write 1000 words which totally fit in the general picture?” There are several keys to successful writing, and here they are:

1. Plan an article in advance. The earlier one starts working on it, the better. When written in a hurry, texts might have many errors which hinder article’s success.

2. Choose great themes. A subject matter you select can serve as another key to engaging writing, as issues which are not popular or don’t resonate with other people’s thoughts and feelings are usually left with no attention. There many options of what you can choose as 1000-words essay topics. So, pick something exciting.

3. Always revise once finished. Proofreading or revision, especially when conducted by professionals, can significantly improve pieces quality.

How to write a 1000-words essay beginning

An opening paragraph can make all the difference. Therefore, make sure you planned it well.

1. First, you might start with an interesting quote which requires the preliminary search for good sayings. Alternatively, one might consider looking for some relevant statistics which proves some point. So, make sure you planned ahead of time.

2. Second, develop a right thesis. It should be only one sentence long, but very informative. Composing it might take time. Therefore, be prepared to dedicating some time to it too.

Creating an outline and first drafts for 1000 words essay

This stage can take longer than the whole writing process, but time dedicated to this stage is time well-spent.

Brainstorm for ideas on what to talk about here, make a list of everything you came up with and select the best examples, stories, or whatever else you have on a list for such articles.

Then proceed to the first draft composition. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first, so don’t be afraid of possible mistakes. You’ll have time for fixing them later.

Then, write and review. Since the last stage is vital to the quality of your piece, you can seek the assistance of companies like ours here. Thus, by asking a 100-words essay writing service for help, you increase a chance of getting an excellent piece.

How to start 1000-words essays

Finally, just a short remind on where it all starts. Select a suitable opening which develops into a strong thesis statement in the end.

How to finish a piece in question

After you developed every thought and mentioned all the examples or other evidence to prove your point, lead readers to a logical conclusion. It should help them realize how this information can be applied to their lives or even call them to a particular action.

We hope we answered all of your questions and now you have a better understanding of how what we said can make you into a better writer. In case you still have questions or need assistance, contact us. We’re more than happy to help you! Creative essay writing guide.